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Steve Sullivan is the author of more than 35 published books and numerous short stories.  Since 1980, he’s worked on dozens of  novel, game, and comics properties, including Dungeons & Dragons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Iron Man,  and many more.  His steampunk efforts include stories in Steampunk’d and Hot & Steamy.  He’s won the Origins Award twice for his fantasy fiction.  You can find out more about Steve and his work at  His books and stories are available in e-format at and

Dave Summers is an author, editor, and astronomer living in Southern New Mexico.  He's the author of seven novels including The Solar Sea, which tells the story of humanity's first voyage to Saturn, and Owl Dance, a wild west steampunk adventure.  He edits Tales of the Talisman Magazine and his short stories have appeared in such magazines as Realms of Fantasy and Cemetery Dance.  You can find steampunk short stories by Dave in the anthologies Gears and Levers I & II and Six-Guns Straight From Hell.  Learn more about Dave and his work at

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